Building Process

Master Crafted Holmes have been building new homes since 1983. We offer a wide variety of home designs to select and can modify a plan or customize a plan. We welcome your involvement as it is your dream home. Whether large or small, single home, duplex, townhome, or accessible homes, we offer feedback and professional input for future marketability. You will meet with Vic from start to finish.


Step 1: Meeting with Vic sharing your family needs and desires. We discuss home sites, styles, floor plans and cost parameters.
Step 2: Selecting your location and site then home plan that will fit on your selection.
Step 3: Once the construction site is determined then the home plan will fit in the construction area. We identify the style, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, eating area, garage, and any other amenities to get a foot plant within the construction site.
Step 4: Suggest clipping out design styles for kitchens, baths, fireplaces and developing a visual notebook of your expectations for the draftsmen to work out in the plan.
Step 5: Bidding process of final plan to keep in budget. This must get to subs to have fixed pricing.
Step 6: Written contract (proposal) to build meetings to go over everything.
Step 7: Purchase lot or already have lot
Step 8: Slate plan drawn on last plan for permitting
Step 9: After obtaining permit have home staked out, erosion control in place, then curb cut out and digging basement.
Step 10: Footings one day walls next, water proof walls third day.
Step 11: Water/Sewer services dug in place and inspected.
Step 12: back fill after sets one week to cure concrete, and then spray ground for termites.
Step 13: Pour concrete floors

Construct Home: This process can take 100 days or less depending on weather.