Finding and Hiring a Builder

Checklist for finding/hiring a builder

  • Find how long they have been in business
    We have been building homes in this area for 29 years
  • Check the company’s rating or if any complaints at BBB
    Never had a complaint
  • Make sure the builder is insured
    We provide general liability
  • Ask for previous customers
    We give names and set up showings of past customers’ homes upon request
  • Can you communicate with the builder?
    We establish several meetings during the planning process to make sure communication is acceptable. We make several phone calls for communication during the construction process.
  • Make sure you have a clear and complete written contract benefiting both you and the builder
    We have an explicit and well written contract spelling out everything that is expected in your new home.
  • Be cautious of unusually low price bids- Maybe they don’t pay their bills on labor, “less doesn’t make better?”
    We stay on our bid, pay all of our bills and use sub-contractors that are legitimate business people. We will also give you all banks names and contact person. We are financially strong to obtain our own construction loans.